While helping build and grow RTO’s over the years, twins Alicia and Katya Holker earned the nickname Hawkeye because of their extraordinary eye for detail.

Both women have a wealth of knowledge gained from their varied experiences within the Vocational, Education and Training, and Business sectors. Trusted, accomplished and results-orientated independent consultants, they are passionate about VET and so decided to join forces to combine their individual strengths to develop a broader range of solutions and services for their valued clients.

Alicia Holker and Katya Holker, founders of Hawkeye RTO Help Agency Brisbane

Our Journey

Growing up in Wexford, Ireland we attended Bridgetown secondary (high) school. At the time we were more interested in sports than studying, but always recognised the importance of dedicating time to education. After school we parted ways pursuing different paths in our early careers, with Alicia bravely moving across the world to Australia.

Once reunited in Australia after our college years, we both worked for our first Registered Training Organisation (RTO). While working alongside each other for one of Australia’s leading RTO’s, we came to realise “education is the stepping stones to success”. With this attitude instilled, we set out truly devoted to supporting and coaching others.

The genesis of our company stemmed from having spent the majority of our working careers in the Vocational, Educational and Training (VET) sector, helping grow different RTO’s who delivered training across numerous industries. Seeing the success our valuable knowledge brought to these companies, we yearned for the opportunity to set up something that was our own. Once we discovered the avenue life had inevitably intended for us, we became determined in making this a reality. Laying the foundations of our company wasn’t an easy venture, but hey, what new business is!

Choosing a name was extremely important to us, it needed to be sharp; appropriate but also meaningful to who we are and how far we’ve come. So why Hawkeye you ask? Well, it’s a salute to past colleagues who nicknamed us Hawkeye Holkers; for our hawkeye-esque execution and attention to detail. Without their guidance, beliefs and efforts, we would not have developed into the professionals we are today; for this, we thank them.

Since our inception in 2017, Hawkeye Consultancy has steadily grown; having already supported a handful of happy clients, our aim is to be an advocate for education and development opportunities.
We educate because we believe everyone, everywhere, should have the right to an education while fulfilling their potential.

Thank you for reading a little about our journey. We’re looking forward to the next chapter we create with Hawkeye.

Alicia and Katya Holker

Hawkeye Consultancy

Thank you for reading a little about our journey. We’re looking forward to the next chapter we create with Hawkeye.