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Assessment Validation is a critical core compliance activity for Australian RTOs and required by the Standards for RTOs 2015. Conducting validation activities to ensure your assessment tools have produced valid, reliable, enough, current and authentic evidence can be a painful process.

Our RTO Consultants can take the headache away by reviewing your assessments and making recommendations for future improvements to the assessment tools, process and/or outcomes if applicable.

Our validation service ensures that a non-biased, 3rd party comprised of experience validators thoroughly reviews your assessment resources and decisions.


Allowed for continuous improvement across all areas of our RTO…

“Whether it is the Standards, National Code or State legislative requirements, Hawkeye Consultancy can take care of your needs.

Planning for audits while providing comprehensive and comprehensible audit reports allowed continuous improvement across all areas of our RTO.”

Kate Baring
VET Investment File Auditing, Traxion Training

Provided step-by-step guidance on how to grow our RTO…

“Hawkeye Consultancy provided step-by-step guidance on how to grow our RTO from initial registration. Without their help, we would have been lost.

Their understanding of ASQA’s requirements and of the Standards 2015 made the process less daunting.”

Bryce Dodd
Total Training Group

Professionalism was second to none…

“Hawkeye Consultancy was absolutely what our business needed. They were always happy to help with whatever questions we had (big or small) and their professionalism was second to none.”

Belinda Goodhand
UC Internal Audit and ongoing compliance matters, Quality Training Group

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