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Validation Services

Assessment Validation is a critical core compliance activity for Australian RTOs and required by the Standards for RTOs 2015. Conducting validation activities to ensure your assessment tools have produced valid, reliable, enough, current and authentic evidence can be a painful process.

Our RTO Consultants can take the headache away by reviewing your assessments and making recommendations for future improvements to the assessment tools, process and/or outcomes if applicable.

Our validation service ensures that a non-biased, 3rd party comprised of experience validators thoroughly reviews your assessment resources and decisions.

Our Happy Customers

Judi Pomfret - PlaySafety

“Working with Hawkeye Consultancy was, and continues to be, an outstanding experience. Since assisting us on a full-time basis for our compliance and resource development needs, their extensive knowledge, services and recommendations within the VET industry have increased our compliance within the VET industry.” 

Jennifer Inglis - Cornzal Workforce Development

“Hawkeye developed high quality; ready-to-use professional training and assessment resources for our RTO. Their knowledge and understanding of resource development were invaluable. We are very pleased with their services.”