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Product review

Want to review your policies and procedures, Certificate and Statements of Attainment templates, training and assessment strategies or marketing material?

Our RTO Consultants carry out various Product reviews. You can choose between correspondence or Face to Face, whichever suits best.
Our skilled VET Consultants will provide you with a report containing feedback and identifying rectifications. This review can then be used to provide input to your annual quality assurance processes.

Our Product Review supports compliance against the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 and may include reviews of:

• Course accreditation
• Compliance template development
• Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS)
• Assessment tools, resources and materials
• Mapping guides and benchmark materials
• Assessment validation and moderation
• HR requirements
• Marketing and advertising
• Partnering arrangements
• Policies and procedures
• Strategic business planning

• Changes to Scope of Registration preparation
• Funding tenders
• Templates
• Supporting documents such as business registration, insurances etc.
• Assessment and training materials
• Position descriptions
• Professional development plans
• The Financial Viability
• Trainer matrixes and profiles
• Transitions management

Looking for assistance with identified non-compliances? We also offer Product Review rectifications. Get in touch with us today to talk to one of our VET Consultants.

Our Happy Customers

Judi Pomfret - PlaySafety

“Working with Hawkeye Consultancy was, and continues to be, an outstanding experience. Since assisting us on a full-time basis for our compliance and resource development needs, their extensive knowledge, services and recommendations within the VET industry have increased our compliance within the VET industry.”