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The application for Initial Registration can be daunting to prepare especially if you have not lodged one before. With ASQA’s recent changes to the Initial Registration Process applications will now undergo a rigorous assessment to ensure the applicant organisation is able to comply with, and remain compliant with, a complex set of national standards.Take the stress away and allow our VET Specialists to provide step by step assistance with your organisations ASQA Initial VET Registration application process.


High-quality vocational education and training is vital to Australia’s economic prosperity. It provides the skills and knowledge that students need to make a productive contribution to the national workforce. Each RTO must meet a range of mandatory requirements that make sure training and assessment is delivered to the high standards expected by students, Australian industry and employers.Your Initial Registration Application will undergo a rigorous assessment to ensure your organisation is fully prepared to start operating an RTO that can meet the required standards.




Before applying for initial RTO registration through ASQA, we ensure our organisation is eligible to do so


Before applying for Initial RTO Registration through ASQA, we ensure you are eligible to do so. Only a legal entity can apply for registration under Australian law, a legal entity can own property, incur debts, employ staff, and sue or be sued.An applicant must intend to provide nationally recognised training to students in Australia but may also operate offshore. An organisation that intends to only provide training to students outside of Australia is not eligible for registration.



Review of your organisations current systems and practices as a Training Organisation


Initial registration applications undergo a rigorous assessment to ensure the applying organisation can comply with and remain compliant with a complex set of national standards.We conduct a review on your organisations current systems to ensure compliance with following competent of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework:
• Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015
• Australian Qualifications Framework
• Fit and Proper Person Requirements
• Financial Viability Risk Assessment Requirements 2011 (FVRA
• Data Provision Requirements 2012



Rectification of any non-compliance’s identified from the Preapplication audit


Following the audit on your organisations systems, we will provide guidance on how to dynamically solve problems, whilst delivering the highest quality solutions to non-compliances that have been identified.When you submit an Initial Registration Application, you are declaring that your organisation is ready to start delivering immediately. If you are not completely prepared, and you do not have adequate resources, ASQA is likely to reject your application. Therefore, it is vital that any non-compliances be rectified prior to the lodgement of your organisations Initial Registration Application.



Full validation of organisation resources for each qualification you intend to apply for within your scope application


At the time of submitting your application, applicants are expected to have access to all required learning and assessment resources for each training product applied for. Quotes or invoices for the purposed purchase of learning resources are not sufficient.Validation of assessment will be conducted on such resources and support provided for the implementation of a validation plan.If learning and assessment resources require rectification after validation these services will be charged at an additional rate.



The completed tool, and supporting evidence, will be used to assess whether your organisation meets the FVRA Requirements


Your RTO is required to present an acceptable level of financial viability risk at all times (this includes considering any parent entities).ASQA assesses each RTO’s financial viability risk to evaluate the likelihood of business continuity and the RTO’s capacity to achieve quality outcomes, as outlined in the Financial Viability Risk Assessment Requirements 2011.ASQA considers this against the potential for adverse consequences if your entity collapses or becomes unviable, and makes a judgement about whether the level of risk is acceptable, unacceptable, or requires additional controls.To enable a preliminary financial viability risk assessment, the initial registration application requires the applicant to provide:
Your organisation must complete the financial viability risk assessment tool with the assistance of an independent qualified accountant.



These declarations will be used by ASQA to determine if all parties satisfy the Fit and Proper Person Requirements


The Fit and Proper Person Requirements are designed to ensure that key registered training organisation (RTO) personnel have the characteristics and principles necessary to ensure the delivery of highquality services and outcomes for VET graduates.These requirements are set to protect and inspire confidence in the VET system, and to safeguard Australia’s reputation as a premier provider of VET (both locally and internationally).The Fit and Proper Person Requirements determine standards of behaviour by individuals who are in a position to influence an RTO’s management.All persons who own 15% or more of the entity seeking registration (either directly or through another entity), Executive Officers and High managerial agents must complete a fit and proper person declaration. We will identify who is required to complete the declarations with your organisation and provide a step by step support on how to complete the declaration.These declarations will be used by ASQA to determine if all parties satisfy the Fit and Proper Person Requirements.



Self-assessment helps you to confirm your organisation is prepared for registration as an RTO that will deliver quality training and assessment


The self-assessment allows your organisation to confirm that it has appropriate processes and systems that meet the requirements of the
Standards.Following the audit rectifications your organisation will now have the confidence to complete the self-assessment, knowing that all information ASQA holds about your operations is correct and compliant.We work one on one with your compliance team to ensure they have the knowledge to conduct the self-assessment correctly and the responses and supporting evidence they provide as part of the selfassessment is compliant against the VET Quality Framework.No opportunities to provide further evidence will be permitted. All responses and evidence provided must be complete, truthful and accurate. If evidence is found to be incomplete, false or misleading your application for Initial Registration will be rejected.



Final review of prepared application


Your Initial Registration Application will undergo a rigorous assessment to ensure your organisation is fully prepared to start operating as an RTO which complies with Standards.A final review on all documentation prepared for submission will be conducted. This ensures all t’s are crossed and all i’s are dotted.Once we are satisfied a Statutory declaration from your CEO will be required. This forms declares that all information supplied is true and correct.



Lodgement of your application via asqanet


All applications for initial registration must be submitted using the online registration service, asqanet.asqanet allows organisations to submit, manage and pay for their registration applications online.We will register your organisation on asqanet and lodge the Initial Registration Application on your behalf.Once we have submitted your application, you will receive ASQA’s initial invoice for a Lodgement Fee. This fee covers the initial processing and assessment of your application.Please note: ASQA will not begin assessing your application until the invoice has been paid in full.


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