Protect your RTO and stay on-top of changing legislative requirements by engaging our RTO Consultants to educate, support and prepare you for Audit.

Ready for your initial ASQA site audit? Unsure? why not get our RTO Consultant to assist with your application and provide you with a clear and concise Action Plan of actions required to ensure compliance. We can conduct coaching to ensure you will be prepared for the audit or if you’d prefer, we can join you on the day.

Want to check your RTOs current compliance against the Standards for RTOs 2015? A monitoring audit will cover all areas of compliance and provide you with a clear and concise Action Plan of areas needing to be addressed.

It may have been a while since your last audit. A re-registration audit provides you with an Action Plan and provides the opportunity to be well prepared prior to an ASQA audit.

The Department of Employment, Small Business and Training undertakes compliance audits against the departmental funding programs outlined in the Annual VET Investment Plan, including User Choice, Certificate 3 Guarantee and Higher Level Skills, to determine if the pre-qualified supplier is satisfactorily addressing the requirements of its PQS agreement. Our RTO Consultants specialise in PQS Compliance audits to assist your RTO in addressing compliance inline with the Pre-qualified supplier audit evidence requirements.

Our Happy Customers

Kate Baring - Traxion Training

“Whether it is the Standards, National Code or State legislative requirements. Hawkeye Consultancy can take care of your needs. Planning for audits while providing comprehensive and comprehendible audit reports allowed continuous improvement across all areas of our RTO”