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RTO compliance can be easy

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RTO Compliance giving you a headache?

Hawkeye’s broad range of RTO consultant services can help lighten the load. If you’re like a lot of VET professionals, RTO compliance obligations feel overwhelming.

Non-compliances can lead to breaches that threaten your business. And dealing with the regulator can feel downright scary.

As an RTO, there are so many obligations you need to stay on top of. And with the challenges of running your business, things change so fast that it’s easy to lose touch.

So imagine being able to get on with business knowing your RTO is compliant.

Get a fresh approach to RTO compliance

At Hawkeye, we find RTO compliance fun. In fact, we love it!

That means we have years of experience working with RTOs like yours to achieve compliance and continue with business as usual. It also means we make it easy for you by taking the hard work and headaches away.

With a track record of success, our team has the expertise and strategies to make your RTO audit-ready. We also support you to efficiently address any non-compliances. Here’s how:

RTO Consultant Services

Change of Ownership

Ensure the RTO you’re acquiring is compliant with an audit, then action registration and regulatory requirements with support

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Initial Registration

Register your RTO the stress-free way with step-by-step help with the rigorous ASQA application process

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Resource Validation

Take the pain out of the assessment validation requirement: leave it to us to review your assessments and make recommendations

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Know you're compliant, prepared and ready for audits with assistance preparing an action plan, audit coaching or support on the day

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Audit Rectification

Get practical solutions from our experienced team of audit problem-solvers and avoid damage to your RTO’s operations and reputation

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Ongoing Support

Free up your time, create efficiencies and save money with a package tailored to support your RTO with ongoing registration requirements

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Find out how we make compliance easy for you:

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Their knowledge, services and recommendations increased our compliance…

“Working with Hawkeye Consultancy was, and continues to be, an outstanding experience. Since assisting us on a full-time basis for our compliance and resource development needs, their extensive knowledge, services and recommendations have increased our compliance within the VET industry.”

Judi Pomfret
Resource Validation, PlaySafety Australia

They made it so simple…

“Hawkeye Consultancy made it so simple. We’re glad we decided to engage with them for our administration needs. Thanks again, ladies!”

Colin Conneely
Administration and Advertising needs, PMD

The outcome of both our audits was successful…

“Hawkeye provided a professional service in assisting us in readiness for a DET User Choice and Certificate 3 Guarantee Audit. They were able to navigate our student management and filing system quickly and efficiently to help us prepare. They also had some great ideas on the presentation and format of our files presented to the auditors.

Retaining Hawkeye gave us peace of mind as we commenced our audit. The outcome of both of our audits was successful.”

Wendy Owen
VET Investment and UC Audit preparation, Landscape Skills

Who we are

Our story began when our founders, twin sisters Alicia and Katya Holker, gained a reputation for their ‘hawk’s eye’ level of attention to detail in RTO compliance issues.

They decided to use their years of experience working for and consulting with RTOs and passion for the VET sector to help their own clients and started Hawkeye Consultancy.

Now with their growing team, they use their love of compliance to make it stress-free for you. The team provides a fresh approach to compliance and are known for going above and beyond to get you the result you need.

It’s Hawkeye’s aim to give you that ‘compliance confidence’ feeling so you can get on with running and growing your RTO.

Make compliance stress-free

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